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Moose Mountain Hops is a dedicated hop grower located at the base of Moose Mountain.  When a giant hop plant was found growing wild after moving to the Upper Saint John River Valley, it was so impressive that it lead to research into the idea of growing quality hops right here in the Maritimes, to be used by our local brewers in the beers we all love.   We have picking and drying facilities, and can offer you fresh wet hops, dried whole leaf hops or pellet hops. 

We have been hard at work expanding our 'hoperation' to provide area brewers with a consistent local supplier for their hops.  In 2018 we harvested 4 acres, there will be 5.5 acres to harvest in 2018, 8 acres in 2019, and will continue to expand in the coming years to reach our goal of 12 acres.  Cascade, Chinook  and Sorachi Ace  are the three main varieties grown at this time, but we do have limited quantities of AlphAroma, Mt. Ranier, Newport, and Willamette  available at harvest time, as well as the local wild variety - our own Moose Mountain Hop!